Content Writing

This website is my professional blog focused on tech, cybersecurity and DEI topics.

Creative Writing & Digital Media/Art

I enjoy producing electronic music, specifically tech house & minimal techno. Production is a hobby for me, so I don’t upload very often but you can always check out my SoundCloud.

I also have fun exploring sci-fi ideas, so if you enjoy short stories you should go check out some of my work.


You can find me on GitHub. Here are some of my top repositories.

Port Scanner – A basic multi-threaded port scanning utility written in Python

StegaPy – A simple steganography tool written in Python 3 to insert secret messages into a specified image.

Enigma Encrypt – Simple cryptographic program inspired by Enigma and Caesar ciphers; Similar to a Vigenere Cipher.

cIRC – A simple IRC inspired chat client/server written in C utilizing multi-threading and process locking.

Simulopt – An Angular 5 single-page application used to log and track options trades and entry/exit criteria.

GillesPy2 – A Python 3.x scientific computing package for systems biologists to model & simulate chemical systems using stochastic population growth algorithms. I was a contributing developer while serving as an undergraduate research assistant.

Simulation of B. Anthracis Infection – My undergraduate research and senior project. In collaboration with Dr. Brian Drawert and Dr. Megan Powell of UNC Asheville, I created a stochastic model of B. Anthracis using GillesPy2 to study the pathogenesis of the resulting lung disease.

Movie-Seen – A website written in PHP to allow users to keep a watchlist and seenlist.