Welcome to the Technodivergent blog where cybersecurity meets neurodiversity.

Kassidy is a cybersecurity professional specializing in identity security and vulnerability management. She is autistic and has ADHD. Her natural curiosity means she loves exploring/learning new things. Being neurodivergent has its challenges, but she is able to see connections and patterns across multiple disciplines. She believes in the importance of curiosity as a way of maintaining an openness to change and growth.

As a result of her curiosity, Kassidy has had a successful career in Information Technology spanning 10 years.

She has also performed scientific research in computer science to generate computational simulations of lung disease. Some of her past writings cover a wide array of topics ranging from technology and programming to psychology and mythology. Kassidy has also written several science fiction short stories & screenplays.

Some of her other interests include electronic music production, retro/co-op PC video games and catching up on sci-fi shows. She is also active in the Financial Independence community. She lives in Durham, North Carolina with her wife and son.