Exploring a Science Fiction Utopia

The year was 2048 A.D. when scientists made a huge breakthrough in observational astronomy. Astrophysicists had been skeptical for decades, but a naked singularity had finally been discovered as part of the Alpha Centauri system. A singularity such as this could house a wormhole allowing us to travel through hyperspace and into the far reaches of the universe. It was close enough to visit, and being a naked singularity there was no event horizon to be sucked into. The possibility for a major scientific breakthrough was huge! After a decade of intensive efforts by Earth’s leading physicists and aerospace engineers to build a craft to visit Sigma Centauri – as it was now being called – a successful launch finally happened in the year 2060 CE. A crew of 3 scientist-astronauts volunteered for a “Return Improbable” mission. It took 40 years for the Seeker I probe and the Seekers to reach ∑ Centauri. Initial telemetry data indicated the singularity was approximately 50 billion solar masses!

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Self-reflection on Kacey’s Dream

The following is a self-reflection that was appended to Kacey’s Dream, an essay I wrote for a class (“Science Fiction & Utopia”) which is based on an idea for a short story sci-fi story I had several years ago. That original idea was in turn inspired by a dream I myself had after staying up too late one night while studying astronomy and supernovae for fun (yes, I’m that nerdy).

Note: Shevek is a character from Ursula K. Le Guin’s 1974 utopian science-fiction novel The Dispossessed. The prompt for the essay involved creating a “Frankenstein” utopia combining elements of other novels so you’ll also see elements of other utopian fiction included in Kacey’s Dream.

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Kacey’s Dream

Kacey bolted upright in her bed, soaked in sweat and trembling in terror. “What the hell was that about?!” she said to herself. The frightened young woman reached for the notepad she kept on her nightstand ever since she started living on her own, only three short weeks ago. That’s when the “nightmares” first started. Before too much time had passed, Kacey started writing down the details of the dream by emulating her sleep and placing herself back there mentally.

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