This website is Kassidy’s professional & author blog. Here, you’ll find pieces she has written concerning science, data analysis, information technology, software engineering and other creative works.

About Kassidy

Kassidy Hall is a neurodiverse technology professional. She sees and experience the world quite differently from most people as a result. Despite its challenges, her neurodiversity enables her to see connections and patterns across multiple disciplines.

While intensely focused on systems/networking and information security, Kassidy’s other professional interests include Agile/DevOps methodologies, programming, and user experience. She believes this interdisciplinary and polymathic approach to skill development is crucial to the success of any technical professional.


As a result of her curiosity, Kassidy has built a successful career in Information Technology spanning the last 10 years. She began working in system & network administration after obtaining an Associate’s degree in 2011. Although her primary experience is in IT administration, she has experience in software development, quality assurance, automation and technical writing. Kassidy has also performed scientific research in computer science to generate computational simulations of lung disease using GillesPy2.

Projects & Interests

Kassidy is a big believer in interdisciplinary studies. At her core, she is a creative explorer and spends her free time reading and thinking about new ideas.

She is the founder of Technodivergent Media which produces educational and informative content focused on technology and neurodiversity.

Her other interests include performing data analysis and writing short science fiction stories. She also produces electronic music, is active in the Financial Independence community, and plays retro co-op video games.


You can find Kassidy on GitHub. Here are some of her top repositories:

GillesPy2 – A Python 3.x scientific computing package for systems biologists to model & simulate chemical systems using stochastic population growth algorithms. She was a contributing developer while serving as an undergraduate research assistant.

Simulation of B. Anthracis Infection – In collaboration with Dr. Brian Drawert and Dr. Megan Powell of UNC Asheville, Kassidy created a stochastic model of B. Anthracis using GillesPy2 to study the pathogenesis of the resulting lung disease.

Simulopt – A single-page application written in Angular 5 to help traders manage their active options trades.

cIRC – A simple IRC inspired chat client/server written in C utilizing multi-threading and process locking.

Movie-Seen – A website written in PHP to allow users to keep a watchlist and seenlist.

StegaPy – A simple steganography tool written in Python 3 to insert secret messages into a specified image.